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UHP blasting

Riding crews

UHP Larger areas:

In order to achieve a chloride free surface and allowing our crew to work efficiently at sea, DCC uses ultra high pressure (UHP) hydro-blasting as the primary tool for surface preparation when it comes to large areas. This is coupled with high pressure washing and power tools. We normally prepare the surface to be painted to a WB 1 ½ to 2 standard allowing a professional application of modified epoxy coating system as specified by the ship owner/manager.
Also stainless steel cargo tanks and piping can be fully cleaned/blasted successfully by means of UHPwith an appearance of "new" as a result.

Why Blast with UHP on Voyage?

  • Consistently good quality result and good paint adhesion as surface related chlorides are removed along with all corrosion

  • Environmentally sound method

  • Dustfree work

  • No extra demucking

  • No additional disposalproblems

  • Cost per m2 is significantly less than if done at a shipyard

  • No shipyard/dock or port costs

  • No offhire as all the work is done while the ship is trading

UHP blasting & Recoating – How?

  • Surface cleaned to chloride free bare steel using UHP hydroblasting (up to 3000 bar)

  • Areas dried out using industrial size dehumidifiers

  • New coating applied according to the standards supplied by the paintsupplier

  • TheDCC crew and equipment is mobilized in a port convenient to the ships schedule

  • A crew typically consists of 4 to 8 people working 3-4 months on/off schedule

  • The crew are experienced UHP hydroblasters and painters

  • Project duration is normally 6 to 20 months

  • Weekly progress reports

  • Daily logs regards to paint application

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