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Tank inspection courses

Training courses

How to carry out a tank inspection in order to provide vessel and home office/vetting with sufficient informations regarding present condition of ballast, technical and freshwater tanks?

has put together a course based on IACS ratings of tanks, this course however is simplyfied providing officers/superintendents sufficient informations and knowledge in order to carry out such  inspection.
This course will normally be coupled together with the onboard maintenance course, the courses takes all together 3.5-4 hours.


  • IACS

  • Definition of coating condition, good, fair, poor

  • Prior entering the tank

  • Coating conditions, good, fair, poor

  • Descriptions of terms/condition

  • Rust/corrosion

  • Blistering

  • Flaking

  • Damages to steel construction

  • Anodes present/ working?

  • Mud present?

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