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Sand washing

Riding crews

Sandwashing spot repair:

D*C*C* typically place a repair crew of 2 to X amount of people on board the vessel, along with a full complement of sandwashing equipment and HP high pressure washing machines, power tools, dehumidifiers, air-less paint pump and all personal safety protection and equipment necessary to complete the project in a safe and timely manner.

Why sandwash on Voyage?

  • Consistently good quality result and good paint adhesion as surface embedded chlorides are removed along with all corrosion

  • Overlap zones into existing coating is abraded by means of the “quarts sand”

  • The use of quarts sand (non metallic grit) means ballast system will stay unharmed

  • Cost per m2 is significantly less than if done at a shipyard or by means of UHP blasting

  • No shipyard/dock or port costs

  • No offhire costs as all the work is done while the ship is trading regularly and make earnings.

Sandwashing & Recoating – How?

  • Corroded and blistered areas removed and surface cleaned to chloride free bare steel

  • Additional roughness applied to areas without excisting roughness

  • Overlap zones abraded, creates a perfect key for the new coating

  • HP wash all affected areas

  • Areas dried out using industrial size dehumidifiers

  • New coating applied according to the standards supplied by the paintsupplier

  • The DCC crew and equipment is mobilized in a port convenient to the ships schedule

  • A crew typically consists of 2 to 8 people working 3-4 months on/off schedule

  • The crew are all experienced in sandwashing, hydroblasting and paint application

  • Project duration is normally 6 to 20 months

  • Weekly progress reports

  • Daily logs regards to paint application

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