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is pleased to present our thoughts/suggestions regarding a continuing long term planning, program/service regards to:

  • Surface treatment during dry dockings

  • Overall status reports

  • Inspectors during dry dockings

  • Onboard maintenance courses for vessel crew, officers and superintendents

  • Ballast tank inspection courses for involved officers  onboard

  • Technical advices regards to paint specifications, job  specifications, yard quotations etc.

  • Owners rep. on new building site

This can be carried out on day by day basis (daily rates) or as a full package with a price pr. Vessel pr. year or a price for the entire fleet pr. year.

As most of cargo’s today (pricing/quality) is decided due to the conditions of class for the vessels (Cap. 1, 2, 3), it is important to maintain/upgrade the vessels overall conditions, in order to achieve/maintain predefined class rating. When this is said “not to waste unnecessary finances,” upgrading areas not needed in order to achieve the class ratings, but not to be forgotten in the long term planning as well._As the background and skills vary amongst Superintendents and the Officers onboard, it can in most cases be difficult to ensure that the surface treatment/maintenance is uniform and optimized across the entire fleet.

D*C*C* suggestions/solutions:
DCC can/will enter into a long term arrangement with ship owners regarding ballast tanks, coated cargo tanks, hull, deck, superstructure etc. all areas coated.

This includes:
In cooperation with owner’s Superintendents, creating an overall plan for the vessels based on status reports and dry docking schedules

  • Carry out inspections, in order to get a full status report of all the vessels

  • Inspection of the vessels 12+/- month prior dry docking proposals for action needed incl. paint/job specifications etc

  • Provide companies with paint inspectors during entire dry dockings

  • Technical service/advice from our office in Poland

  • Frequently meetings, DCC project manager updating/status for owners Superintendents

  • We envision Frosio or Nace certified Coating Inspectors

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