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Onboard maintenance courses

Training courses

Most ship owners will probably agree that, when it comes to maintenance/surface preparation and treatment, there is a lack of education among the deck crews onboard the vessels.
Most companies receives orders frequently for more curing agents than base from the vessels.
Most superintendents probably noticed, when visiting the vessels, that there is no system/planning regarding the maintenance.
Most superintendents probably noticed when visiting the vessel that the crew are working (again) on the same spots that were repaired the year before.
Most of the deck crew never studied the technical datasheet for the paint. the crews onboard don't know what induction time means, mixing ratio, potlife or how to discover and remove amine blush on top of the paint etc.

D*C*C* can help, we offer onboard maintenance courses "the simple way" of how to carry out maintenance the correct and most simple way, without going too much technical details.


  • Types of corrosion/rust/iron oxides

  • How to prevent corrosion

  • Planning

  • Different methodes for removal of corrosion

  • Tools for application of paint

  • Explaining data sheet and how to read and understand the data sheet, induction time, mixing ratio, potlife overcoating intervals etc.

  • Dry film thickness and application

  • How to check conditions prior painting (the simple way)

The course last 1.5 to 2 hours

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